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Welcome To Our Photo Album of the 2002 Signing Event!

Real and Muff Musgrave made an appearance at Astral Castle during their 2002 tour on Sunday, September 29th and it was a great success! A good proportion of our visitors came from Midland, but we also had guests arrive from Abilene, Bedford, El Paso, Fort Worth, Lubbock, Granbury, San Angelo, and even from Arkansas and Oklahoma!

We got to see four of the new pieces for 2003, plus a quick view of the limited edition print that will be available in very limited quantities during the annual Pocket Dragon Day Event in November.

We've got lots of photos to show you (click on the thumbnails at the left to get a better view in this window) but the best part was hearing Real and Muff tell stories about the individual pieces -- maybe in the future we'll be able to record some of these and put them on "Streaming Audio" but we're not that high tech yet.

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